Lunedí, Sei, Novembre

Well I lied. I said I was going to use Quechua and chose Andean Treasure instead. But the Summer Sky is just amazingly lovely. The hand is soooo soft. It is knitting up like butter on hot cob corn. Yum. I think I want more of this.

Running with Sock is done. Both of them. Well not the Afterthought heel but that goes quickly and is a great traveling project. I can save them for Wednesday.

I just have to commit to finishing one of DS's sweaters before her birthday in December. Both are well started. Now why is it that half a project lays awaiting here and there? I like both these sweaters. The yarns are yummy and the patterns are fun. Yet they sit snug in their bags waiting for me to finish. I think I shall have to postpone the Baudelaire socks until I get some of my projects completed. Drat. Swatching the Andean Treasure was a lovely interlude and I want more time with it. So how many days until Christmas? No, don't tell me. I don't want to know. It will be a surprise. A big surprise when December 25th sees me loaded with caffeine and knitting madly. Man, I love the pressure. If I did not have all these potentials stacking up I would never find the creative impetus to start new crafts. The loom is looming. I have visions of beautiful scarves draping over the edges.

My MIL once said that someone who spends their days making knots in string is insane.

I love my version of reality.

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