Orithil, Narbeleth, Caerodog

Every year there is a hard rain to bring down the leaves before they turn. Today that hard rain has hit. I am so glad it isn't snow. There will be leaves yet on the trees when the rain quits. And the sunlight will appear brighter because of the culling. We treasure what sunlight remains during the winter months and count off until the hours of daylight grow again. Waxing and waning.

My knitting waxes and wanes too. The bedsocks are progressing. I discovered I don't really like working with worsteds and bulky yarns for now. There is some really lovely fingering waiting in the wings. I must be firm and get these current projects done! Okay, so being firm with myself is not my strongest virtue. Now that is worth a huge chuckle. Discipline is a nasty word. I received a great box in the mail from Knit Picks. Their Essential Solid is sooo soft. The African Violet makes me want to eat it. Oh yeah, breakfast. I forgot. Again.

Sunday was beautiful and to prove it DH took some photos. Yes, we do have Buffalo in 'Slimy Pebble'. Here is proof.

The Cuz was telling me someone is making yarn from Buffalo. I want to see them shear these. That ought to be good for several laughs.

Speaking of shearing (and I was) I recently heard Syne Mitchell's tale of shearing her sheep. Do go get her Weave Cast podcasts. They will make you lust after looms. When I told DH about it, he suggested a spinning wheel. I think I found the key to getting everything I want. Mention the largest object I can think of, get something smaller. What is larger than a floor loom? Buffalo?

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Knits at Night said...

You can look up the buffalo yarn at American Buffalo Products. Very expensive. 48 dollars for a small hank. One of these days when I am feeling really sorry for myself I will get a hank and try it. It looks luscious!!!!By the way, I used to be in a weavers club. I have a table loom up in the closet that I will get out again someday. We have an antique spinning wheel upstairs out of harms way. It is from hubby's mom's side of the family. CUZ