Orbelain, Narbeleth, Caernêled

Winter has arrived too soon. All of Buffalo, NY will surely concur. While we have not seen the snow yet, it is cold. Cold enough for really warm woolen socks. I was thankful I had my wildly colored sock to wear. Especially since the Old Shale socks are giving me fits. I ran out of yarn. Now how does that happen when I am using two different sock yarns and have two skeins of each. My feet are NOT that large. They Are Not !

I frogged back to the beginning of the toe decreases on the finished sock and am balancing the remaining yarn between the two. Then to finish with the cuff and heel yarn. The original pattern called for that but I changed the toes to the foot yarn. Who sees the toes anyway? Apparently there is a hex on this pattern and it is back to the original design. FOYN! (pirate talk for FINE!)
Image hosted by Webshots.com
Now this is an experiment in photo-hosting. I found this on Webshots and liked the light through the trees. But it seems blurry to me. Does it to you? I am so glad I don't live in Buffalo. DH's truck driver/CB radio friend drives I90 6 nights a week. It is going to be a long cold winter. 10 inches of snow and more expected on Friday, Oct 13. Not much fun. A cruel joke? A cold joke.

Autumn sunshine and variegated leaves makes me serenely happy. No snow makes me even happier. Or maybe it is the lack of sleep. ........ Yes, insanity is hovering just outside my range of vision. Dancing Kokopelli with his flute. Wanna dance with us?

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