Oranor, Narbeleth, Taduinail

I was hoping to post some photos but the rain is not cooperating. In the meantime I have been having fun. I finished the stretcher frame with a lot of help from DH. I sewed the nylon screen into seams, inserted the PVC, twisted on the elbows and then grunted and pushed and sweat until defeat and surrender were inevitable. Then DH came along with snippers and adjusted the PVC to fit the nylon seams. I should remember that I do things backward. But then that would be too forward of me. Now I have a fantastic stretcher frame for the mobius' (mobii?) and shawls and anything else that strikes my twisted fancy. Yeah. I love when things work well.

Then we shopped at Radio Shack. Radio Shack and Yarn Shops need to be on my DO-NOT-GO-THERE list. Was there ever anything electronic that I did not want or lust after? And DH loves radios. DS loves everything tech too. Poor boy gets it from both sides. When the power goes out (as it frequently does) the guys have a melt-down. As for me? I light the hurricane lamps and knit.

DH is building shutters for the windows inside. I can hardly wait. I plan to knit some fabric for the inserts. I am thinking about using several spools of sewing thread and graduating the colors. Perhaps a sunrise motif. I am lusting over a loom and imagine the woven designs I could make. Ah the joys of addictions. Yarns, threads, paints, dyes, needles, Skype, computers......And so many more. Who has time for television? I need to learn Braille so that I can read with my eyes closed. Then I can keep busy while resting.

Note to self, folks on the other end of the phone (or SKYPE) cannot see ASL. No matter how many times I sign something, they still cannot see it. NO, I don't want a webcam. If I had one it would be wearing duct tape. And duct tape comes in colors other than metallic grey. Hmmm, now what can I do with duct tape? Oh honey? Can you come here a moment? (snicker)

Secret knitting is nearly done. Tomorrow I will finish and block. Then drop it in the mail. The bedsocks are 1 and 3/4 done. Turned the heel on the last one and running toward the toe. I have been using them to practice Continental knitting. I really suck wind at Continental knitting. Too many fingers doing too many things. Bad words popping up right and left. And as for Continental purling? Oh you don't want to know how many bad words I know. In many languages.

Pictures will be forthcoming. If the sun ever shines. Want some rain?

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Knits at Night said...

Oh Hiiii. I learned Continental. It comes in handy but I have found that the pearl stitches tend to cause something wierd with the eveness on the knit side. I like continental with dp's cause the yarn doesn't get tangled up. Anyway, I use both and you will find that it comes in handy. Congrats. I'm glad you like the sock yarn. If I find more I will send it to you. I found a pattern for socks yesterday that has a detatchable sole in that when the bottom wears out you can cut it off and replace it. I will copy it for you if you are interested. I'm certainly not interested as you know. L and V should hear the story about Isa chasing me around the dining room trying to prevent me from throwing the sock in the trash. I won. Cuz