The Good Life

I have been watching The Good Life; a BBC production from 1975 about suburbanites becoming self-sufficient. It is very cute and made me think....

First: I never want to become a suburban farmer. Much too much work. And mud.

Second: Someone in the US should make a modern version of this show. Not only is it funny, but now seems the perfect time to show how to live with less things and be prosperous.

Third: I think we all need more humor in our lives.

Fourth: I NEVER ever want to work that hard......Unless I am paid to be an actor pretending to be a suburban farmer. Then I could leave all the real work to someone else. And take a hot shower and drive away in a nice shiny new car. And have make up artists make me look good even while wearing dirty overalls. And have perfect hair.

I really need more sleep.

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