I have decided to destash my outrageous mountain of books. Any suggestions for where to unload them? I think once I begin this task, the house and my spirits will both be thankful. Too much stuff, even books, are weighing me down. It is time to lighten the load.

By the way, Night at the Museum 2 is as good as the first one. I laughed out loud a few times and the Son and Husband both enjoyed it. A rare and agreeable moment. All three of us enjoying the same thing?

I have two hours before the alarm clock clangs. I think I will stumble off to bed and pretend to sleep.

Right after the trash truck that is parked directly in front of the house finishing compacting.


Oh, random thoughts. I want to purchase soybeans and wheat in bulk. Any suggestions.

More random thoughts. Have you ever tried to make soymilk?

Can a person make wheat milk?

Would someone want to make wheat milk?

Who moved into my house and stole the lid to the tea pitcher and the scoop from the laundry soap? And why would they?

I did find one of the missing books. Right after I ordered another one. Well actually I ordered two by mistake and now have three.

Anyone want one or two new copies of The First Book of Modern Lace Knitting?

I think I now believe in Borrowers.

Can they be bribed?

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