Herniated Disks

When is a herniated disk a good thing? When it doesn't require surgery! Yeah!

The MRI showed two herniated disks. Only one of them is pressing on nerves and causing pain. Neither needs surgical intervention. Both should get better within two to three months with physical therapy. What a huge relief. I am so ecstatic that I feel my life is punctuated with !!!!!!!!!


Wanna see an image?

This image and more information was 'borrowed' from Your Orthopaedic Connection. Which is a pretty good 'information for the rest of us' site. See that red spot and the bulge? That is my spine in two spots.

I am expecting much improvement soon. And in the meantime I am getting a lot of knitting done.

Of course my house is a disaster.

I gave my wonderful doctor the Tulip Cardigan and a matching cap. Anyone who gives such good news deserves a pretty thank you.

And it was fun knitting it.

Whew. Sunshine, good news, and dinner out. A very good day!!!!!!!!

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