Two Lips

Today was one of those days that hit bottom and reached heights. A dizzying day. I was expecting some good news and instead got slapped upside the head with the opposite. I thought I was recovering from the pinched nerve. Nope. Instead the nerve damage has increased and the lessoning of pain is because of the damage. That really rocked me back a couple of paces. I don't want to think about what comes next.

So. Onto the good news. I received not just one amazing package in the mail. But two. First is this. Cookie A's Sock Innovation ! Just an amazing book by an amazing designer. Sent by an amazing Cousin. I will be spending way too much time with this book. Oh well. Cousin Daughter may want her socks knit. She will have to blame the delay on her mother. LOVE this book.

The second great package was this pattern and the kit in the Spring Fling colorway. This came from Coldwater Collaborative in Excelsior, MN. When I called to order, the voice on the other end of the line was warm, friendly, humorous and very patient. And the order arrived very fast. I ordered on the 27th and it arrived on the 30th. That includes the weekend. Talk about speedy delivery!
So all told, today has not been the worst of days. Not when gifts arrive to pick up my spirits. We all go through bad spells. We don't have to like them. But isn't it great when good things also come along?

So now what do I do? Start the Tulip Cardigan? Immerse myself in Cookie A's design process? Get back to work on Cousin Daughter's sock? Or hide under the covers and mope?

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