I am trying to find a pathway through some neurons in my brain. An interesting adventure. That old saw 'You can't see the forest for the trees' is making for some visuals that are pretty darn freeky. If you could see what my imagination is doing right now......

Oooooooh. Pretty colors !



I twisted the wrong way a few weeks ago and rediscovered what a pinched nerve feels like. This little wire just doesn't want to go back to normal and I may go crazy before it does. I followed doctor's orders and did a 10-day stint of steroids and pain medicine. Hasn't helped. Last night I was just desperate and began to think about giving in to surgery.

Back surgery is just scary stuff. I do not know anyone who has had a great recovery from that. This morning I did not care. Anything to get some relief. The doctor was really terrific though. She made sure I understood that this condition is treatable and can resolve without the surgery. it could probably take 6 to 8 weeks before that happens though.

6-8 weeks of pain.

Just how much of a wimp am I?

I think I am about to find that out.

Whew. Wish me luck.

(bleak outlook)

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