Mimi Flo

My mother joined my father this weekend.
It is odd. Both parents are gone. We kids are the elders now. I don't feel elder. Or wise.
I know we are in a grace period and that the loss will hit me soon. But for now we are coping.

Mom hated bagpipes. Really really hated them. My father's friend played and I was always fascinated. I wanted to learn and he wanted to teach me. But Mom threatened to kick me out of the house if I did. I explained that I could get a full scholarship if I was proficient. That made no difference. There was to be NO, ABSOLUTELY NO bagpipes in her house.

My brother wants to get a piper for the Memorial.

I think she will come back and smack him.

Maybe that is the point?

All the women in her family were as beautiful.


I take after my Dad.

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