Black Eyed Peas

With the economy being what it is (I don't use those words) we are all trying new things. For me, cooking is a new thing.

Well, it isn't exactly new. But I am so very bad at it. Trust me on this. You do not want to come over here for dinner.

Unless it is take out.

Because my cooking will......take you out.

Remind me sometime to tell you about the first time I cooked for HIM.

And he married me anyway.


back to cooking.

I have a neighbor who has a relative getting assistance from the state. Nowadays, that is a good thing. As usual, this relative gets a ton of unwanted food and very little that is wanted. So we do a trade. I actually like some of the tons of food this relative gets and look forward to the exchanges. A while back we got a lot of grains in the exchange. So I am trying to learn to cook these grains from scratch. It gives me hives just to type 'scratch'.

A few weeks ago I made split pea soup. And it turned out to be tasty and edible. Of course it almost became a huge disaster. Instead of soup I had a huge clump of thick goo. But HIM, being the intelligent sort, realized that what it needed was water. And more water. And more water. When we finished adding a LOT of water, it was suddenly soup. And suddenly I had achieved an actual successful home-made, from scratch meal. We now have a LOT of split pea soup in the freezer.

So today is going to be Black Eyed Peas day. Not exactly Hoppin' John because the guys are not wild about rice. But I am hopeful.

Probably too hopeful.

There are small difficulties so far. I did remember to soak the peas overnight. I did not realize we are out of onions. Aren't onions a necessity? I could not find the cayenne but I did find Cajun spice. That is an acceptable substitute? Isn't it?

Should someone who can't cook tea be allowed to make substitutes?

I tossed in some kielbasa. Was that a mistake?

Oh. Man. I think we are in trouble.

I should go back to knitting socks.

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Ann said...

Your black-eyed pea dish sounds yummy. Try it with a ham hock next time.