What a Flop!

I made such a mess !

Rule # 1: I hate cooking.
Rule # 2: Therefore whatsoever I cook will turn out tasting like dirt.
Rule # 3: Have a backup plan.

Oh well. I read a recipe on a blog about making great tasting broth. Take some cleaned vegetables, cut into large chunks, put into roasting pan, toss with olive oil. Bake.

That sounds simple enough. So I did it. And I added an English cut beef roast. So far so good. I did put dry onion soup on the roast because the guys really like that (what can I say?).

Several hours later.....the potatoes were still hard. The carrots were still hard. The celery was still firm. The onions were not fully cooked. The meat was barely done. The oven was set at 350°F. I did check the temperature.

I finally finished cooking the vegetables in the microwave. And the broth? About 1 tablespoon's worth.

Where did I go wrong?

No, don't tell me. It is Rule # 1.

So I cast on four more knitting projects. Now THAT I can do.

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