Three Days Later

Where did the last two days go? I am losing time. I cannot afford to lose time. Or my mind. Unless that is already lost. Which is why I am losing time?

The third pair of socks is done with one more pair to knit before Christmas. Wanna see?

I thought so.

Here they are anyway.

They are not blocked yet. Maybe tomorrow. But for now I cast on for another hat. Because two sweaters and two scarves are not enough wips.

I made another mini disaster in the kitchen. This time I tried a slow-cooker pork roast. It was tasteless. Completely bland. I made it the same way I make oven-roasted pork roasts. I just don't get it at all. No matter what I do, cooking defeats me. Who ever said the woman has to cook anyway? In this house HIM is the much better cook.

Oh, a funny mini story about cooking. Indulge me. I need all the funny stories I can find.

The Son cooks on Saturdays. If you can call boiling hot dogs and opening a can of baked beans cooking. Every Saturday, the same thing. Endless repetition of the worst food ever created. And when I say that I mean BAD. So last Saturday he did his thing and the guys sat down to eat. Not me. I stay as far away from the kitchen as possible when hot dogs are on the menu.

Well........the guys dug in and suddenly there was a belly-laugh coming from the kitchen. The Son had opened a can of chili. Neither guy was expecting it. I could not have planned it as well. Spewed beans everywhere.

I like chili.

Even more now that the guys have been surprised with it.

So, should I make chili beans today?

They can keep their hot dogs.

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