Surviving the Plague

Well it hasn't been quite that bad. Almost, but not quite. DH and I shared a nasty sinus infection. Between coughing and sneezing and wheezing and snorting, we were quite the musical duo. It seems we have survived and are on the upswing. If we don't do bodily harm in the meantime.

Along with the inharmonious illnesses, we dumped our landline and DSL in favor of cable and mobile phones. The phones are not a problem. Well, remembering new numbers is challenging. We had the old one for more than 30 years. (NO, I am not that old). It took two days and a lot of fiddlin' to get both computers to agree to share the cable connection. And now the TV stations are on new channels. Thankfully I don't watch TV. DH and DS can play with those.

I can't find my latest photos. That will have to wait until tomorrow. I just may actually do dishes and laundry too. I never thought I would ever be more tired of computers than cleaning. What a shock to my system.

The best part of today is that my DH brought me a bribe of a hot fudge sundae and hot tea. Both work amazingly well to turn me back from Grendel to a human. Smart man. I think I will keep him.

for now

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