Tax Forms Sucked My Brains

Or why I can't knit anymore.

I am apparently now stupid. I cannot knit Thordis according to directions. I have tried the written and charted versions and I get too many stitches with each row. I adjust, reknit. Same thing. And I cannot keep to the simple pattern. This is just too much stress! Good grief. Thordis is too much stress? I can only think (excuses are good things) that the tax forms sucked all intelligence from my brain. Now I have mush. Happy mush. Strangely happy mush. If I drank I could blame the mush on the alcohol. Or drugs. Or wool fumes.

Instead I will blame it on tax forms.

And show you something pretty.

No, nothing is jammed into his left eye. That is part of the window. The Cuz knows how to pick her men.
These are the socks that dear Cuz LP made for me. Aren't they pretty? She did an amazing job on them. And she did it without help. Part of her big secret. I LOVE them so much. Almost as much as I love my brand new SIGNED copy of Stephanie Pearl-McPhee's 'Things I Learned from Knitting'

Almost as much as I love my crafty amazing Cuz. And her offspring 'ain't' too bad either.

And her DH is one cute hottie. Wanna see?

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