Holy Freekin' Flying Cows!

Or sheep, or buffalo, or alpaca, or.......

I am the proud owner of a SIGNED 'Things I Learned from Knitting....'


Photos to follow when my hands stop shaking.

The most amazing cousin in Colorado arranged for her oldest most amazing daughter to go to The Tattered Cover in Denver, wait in line, wait inside, hear Stephanie Pearl-McPhee's talk, wait again in line for an autograph. And then sent the book to me. Me! Here in Wet Pebbles, PA. 2000 miles away from poor, exhausted, oxygen-deficient Yarn Harlot.

I am so excited. I have the book in my chilly hands and it is SIGNED !. Whew.

And I thought I was so cool.

Ha. Apparently not so cool. I've known a few folks who have a claim to fame and have never fawned over anyone. Before. Now I can say I know I.P. The woman who braved a train ride, a long wait, another long wait, and third long wait. Just to get a book signed for her distant cousin.

Now I have to start knitting faster to pay I.P. and L.P. back for their kindness and efforts.

And I thought the yarn L.P. sent was exciting. I should have emptied the box earlier.

My only excuse is I was doing taxes. And doing the taxes makes me stupid.

Hey Cuz. And Cuz. THANKS!!!!!!!

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