Under Seige

I cannot get my head around any more numbers today. April 15th is looming. Oh No! What should I do?

Drink? Seriously?

Thordis! I just love this pattern and the yarn.

But I am worried that I am loving it because it is soooo soothing. And Soothing Thordis is lulling me into a contemplative mindset. Which is not helping me get through the gaggle of numbers that will complete the blasted tax forms!

I think we tax-payers should demand that our Congress come to every home and fill out every tax form for us. Every single form!

Bet they would soon simplify them. Maybe even go for a flat tax.

Right after they raised the rates.

Taxation without representation........Taxation without tax-preparers?

We need a new Declaration of Independence.

I wonder if Congress really has a grasp on how large their unbalanced budget is and how impossible it has become to pay it off?

Wish someone would ask the presidential candidates THAT question. And demand an answer.

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