Lily struck me as a funny word. Say it often enough and I think I am lisping. Earth is an odd world too. Go ahead. Say it several times.

Are you finished?

Can I sell you a bridge?

Did I ever tell you about the Bridge to Nowhere?

Want to hear about it?

Okay, fine.

So, do you want to see something pretty?

I have been lusting after this pattern for a while. Knitpicks Lily of the Valley Socks.
Finally it occurred to me, why don't I just order them? Sometimes I am really slow. So I did. Order them. And the email containing the pdf never arrived. I waited patiently for nearly 5 days before I called customer service. The representative delivered the pdf in 6 seconds.
Now why didn't I call them earlier? Because I am really s l o w.

Now I am drooling over the pattern and trying hard not to cast on. With so many projects on the needles I must finish something, anything, before I cast on one more project.

And HIM really wants me to actually clean something this week. Now come-on! Clean? When I could be playing with yarn? I did wash clothes. Isn't that enough?

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