Apparently I had too much time on my hand

so fate threw a wrench into my plans. Fate is one mean .......

My sweet baby boy (who hasn't been a baby in a long time) has the flu. And that is just playing dirty. If I ever get my hands on Fate she is history.

Naturally I head for the medicine cabinet. And discover that we are remarkably healthy folk. So healthy that we don't have a thermometer. We don't have any analgesics or antihistamines or cough suppressants or decongestants that are not outdated. And it is Sunday. Late on a Sunday. In our tiny community there are no late night or all night pharmacies. Or late night convenience stores. Or any other place to shop after 7pm. Yes, we really do live in the boonies.

So, what is a person to do when their no-so-little-anymore baby boy is ill? Why, send HIM to Wal-Mart. Usually I am the person grousing about Wal-Mart and its voracious need to swallow every Mom and Pop store on the planet. I avoid those Wal-Mart stores unless forced into one by desperation. And tonight was desperation time. So, here is me swallowing my pride. I am grateful that there was a store (20 miles away) that was open that had symptom-relieving medications for my baby boy. His fever is down, his aches are suppressed.

Wal-Mart found my weak spot.

I am not pleased.

Once this nastiness has been driven out I will be exploring natural remedies.

Next time there will be no late night runs to Wal-Mart.

(Apparently I don't do humble and contrite very well.)

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