Sometimes Mr. Fixit

Is too good. The electrical problem is fixed. The furnace works. The lights stay on. We can use the microwave again.

I was busy looking and drooling over this:

This is a non-electric gas stove. No electrical components at all. It is the same size as my current stove. It has a broiler on the bottom. Old fashioned? Yup. And it works when the electricity is off. Which happens a lot around here. Unfortunately (or otherwise) HE fixed the oven. Ripped out the igniter, took it to a great repair shop. Came home with the new part and installed it. Thus I am still drooling over the above stove while waiting for the blasted Kenmore stove to die. Again.

As grateful as I am for a man who can fix so many things......


Go ahead. Ask me why I prefer non-electrical appliances. Here is a hint. I am not Green.

Now that comment just made me laugh. A good Irish girl declaring she is not Green.

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