Some Weeks Are Harder

Last week tried to deep-fry my cheery attitude. The van broke. The roof leaked. The oven broke. And the electric was only half working. Really. Only half of the inlet cable was working. The half that did work was not the half that runs the furnace. Being from a northern state, I was not really happy about that. The power company said it was our problem. I called 5 places to find someone to repair the problem. The only one who agreed said it would take 3-5 days. In December. In the cold. Without a furnace. Thankfully Him knows enough about electrical wiring to rig the furnace line to the working half. So we shut off everything that wasn't essential. No leaving lights on. No washing clothes. No using a dishwasher. No slow cooker. No microwave. Of course His TV was not on the list. I logged onto the computer only long enough to check for important emails. Then off again. I could say that I got a lot of knitting done. That would be a lie. I did some knitting. And some fussing. Very little cooking. Because the oven broke. I can fry most anything. But I prefer baking. It was annoying.

Wednesday the electricians came and replaced the meter box. They drilled a hole for the new cable and replaced the breaker box. They got all that work done in about 3 1/2 hours and cleaned up very well. Then the inspector came and said they were not finished.

So now I have an unapproved breaker box. And the roads are iced. Snow is expected shortly. There will be no finishing today.

I can only hope the power company does not decide to shut us off.

Enough whining?

Then have a look at this:

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