Dek naù, Aùgusto, Diman^co

It is going to be a long week of rain. Which is really unusual for August. Quite a relief from the heat. I think it makes the farmers nervous. The crops will be huge though.

I managed to get a sock finished. Wow, that felt good. It is Cherry Tree Hill's Peacock colorway and Toni's Tootsies pattern. I just love it. Very much fun to knit and the colors are perfect. I could become addicted.

And now I am drooling over this yarn:

This is Fleece Artist Merino in Amber. The scan just cannot do it justice. The colors are so subtle and beautiful and petable. Whew. I just want to fondle it. But I did wind it and start another pair of socks. This beauty from Loopy Ewe will become the feather and fan socks. I will NOT let that darn pattern defeat me!

I would take photos but the digital camera died. Darn it. I wanted to beat it into tiny pieces. DH won't let me. He is taking it apart to see how it works. It DOESN'T work.

(pout, pout) No one will let me commit mayhem.

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