dek kvar, Aùgusto, Mardo

Thank goodness for sunshine, warmth, being outside, surviving another night, and knitting.

I finally finished a pair of socks. I took all of last week off after the previous week's frogging and refrogging three different pair of socks. Frustration. So last week was crochet week. I finished up the mega-huge crochet project and spent some time felting three items. Two of them felted nicely. The third is pretending to be acrylic. Not a felted inch. I am not defeated though. I will succeed.

Now, can anyone tell me how to sleep? Because that is becoming an issue beyond my abilities.

Good news, the cardiologist says I am just fine. And her one year old is the best thing that every happened to her and her husband. It is warming to see the face of a woman fascinated by her child.

I have decided that I should only visit women doctors. The last two male doctors have quickly placed themselves on my gødning list.

Now for a photo:
At least they are done. Accomplished. Finished. Success !


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mjm knitting said...

love love love the socks Orghlaith, and the colours too are just so warm looking. I prefer female doctors too. Even my eye doctor is female. Congrats on getting your knitting mojo back. Yay!