Sunnuntai, Nolla, Heinäkuu,

More sock avoidance. While this is the finished Denmark Sock One:

Sock two is barely on the needles.

So I started another face cloth:

This is for the Cuz' daughter M who likes boldness.
So do I. And it is fun after struggling through Denmark One
(which now sounds like a mission title).

And to make things more exciting I started Mystery Stole 3. No photos yet.

Lest one thinks that is enough avoidance, I still have Lozenge Sock on the needles.
And mystery project is still in the works.
And there are always Mittnz for Sheep Shots' challenge.

And that is just the knitting.

I think I just gave myself a headache.

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Anonymous said...

I am amazed by your prolific knitting. H says there is no plural for prolific. I was thinking maybe prolificity or something but he said no. The Denmark sock looks great. Was it hard to knit being dark colored? E will love the facecloth. She was excited when you offered. I cast on a sock last night. I will scan and provide a pic later on. I am hot from doing dishes and am going to rest now. See you soon. Cuz