Kolme, Heinäkuu, Tiistai

Sometimes stupid is my first, middle, and last name. Today is one of those times. I have spilled coffee on myself twice. Forgotten to take a medicine that would have prevented pain. Forgotten that cortisone gives me a nitroglycerin-like headache (and those are some really nasty headaches) as well as nausea. Forgot that walking through Wal-Mart in search of beads means walking all the freakin' way through the store to the farthest corner. With two swollen knees from cortisone shots. Discovered that their supply is really sad and limited. And then there is the return trip around the perimeter because you can't walk cater-cornered through their displays. Which may make marketing sense but does not endear them to me. So on the way home I had time to berate myself for gross, inexcusable stupidity. And I discovered that I cannot knit with a cortisone headache. Now THAT hurt. Literally.

Thus I am really far behind on my SOS 07 Denmark Sock B (shamed head dragging here) (no photos, I am not a masochist in spite of the previous paragraph) (well, not so I would admit).

And I bought some rather ugly beads. With which I am not happy. Which makes me wonder just how bad my headache is. Or just how stupid I can act.

Now, because I am admitting gross stupidity: I bought two Toby Keith albums. (Not my kind of music) Also two pillows. (Did I need new pillows?) Josh Groban album. (not saying a word here)
Chronicle of Riddick trilogy (I have just no excuse for this one. If you can explain it, please do ) And (the shame of it all) Big Trouble in Little China.

Now even I am speechless.

Use your imagination for the words I am using in Finnish.

(the shame of it all)


GaietyGirl said...

Chronicles of Riddick = mmmeyecandy
I own Big Trouble as well, so I'm gonna go with the retro 80's cheesy cool on that.

No idea who Toby Keith is though, so I can't help you out on that one!

Orghlaith said...

Toby Keith is a Country Music singer.
I think Cortisone must be a mind-altering drug. That is my excuse and I am sticking with it.