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Oh, Hi.

Yeah, I've been slackin' off. Summer, you know? Well, Summer of Socks 07 to be precise. I use every spare moment to knot er Knit on socks. And I am a week behind my goals. Darn that Denmark anyway.

So at least I have started sock pair 3. Part of the problem is everything else I want (whine, whine) to be knitting. MS3 and Wing of the Moth and I just saw a really lovely sweater in Creative Knits and darn it but Bee Shawl is just so very pretty.

But I admit to fondling something way too much.

Sarah's Yarns Cashmere/Silk in a specially dyed colorway. Dharmafey did the dyeing for me and these photos don't do it justice. When this is worked up into the Wing o' the Moth pattern, it will be spectacular.

Oh why are there so many choices?

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Anonymous said...

That is sooooooooo pretty. How exciting. Is this the first time you have had something dyed to your specs? Neat. Li