Keskiviikko, Heinäkuu, kaksikymmentäviisi

Some times you feel like a nut; sometimes you are one.
The Äiti (mother) called asking for whole nutmegs. Strangely given the popularity of lattes, the only whole nutmegs came with a nutmeg grinder. Thus she is about to get one. Grinder. Plus 5 whole nutmegs. Found at Le Gourmet Shop at the Outlet Mall. When we entered, the shop was empty. Within seconds it was crowded. Do they follow me around? Am I the shoppers shepherd? If only it was the opposite and I scared them away! Perhaps I should ask for a discount since I draw crowds. ......a thought.

Apparently today was Bounty Day. Because I received lots of loot.
Firstly this arrived:
And in it was:
7 patterns. 7 one sheet patterns. This is important to know.

Because after shopping and dinner I returned to find this:
Which contained:Now, just for comparison:

I don't get it. Three books in the small, thin package. 7 single page patterns in the large box. Is there logic involved?

One last comment. YEAH FOR THE WEAVING BOOK!!! At last I can begin to use the table loom that the dearest ever cousin (blood sister) loaned me. Big hugs to her.

Too bad I am still trying to catch up to my goal for SOS 07. Must knit faster.

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