Unan War’n Ugent, miz Mezheven, Diriaou

Summer of Socks '07 has begun!
I picked over my patterns and chose 8. And then went through my books and chose another four. Finally I decided on Denmark from Knitting on the Road by Nancy Bush (page 31). I am using a Posh Cashmere yarn that I overdyed into a deep forest green. The rib pattern is simple and yet I had to restart it three times. Distraction. Not good for counting stitches.

And of course I started another face cloth. And a scarf. And the Lozenge sock from Knitting Vintage Socks by (wait for it) Nancy Bush. I am predictable..........which makes me uncomfortable. So now I will have to do something unpredictable to make myself feel better.

The least likely thing I would ever do is cook.

How does roast chicken sound?

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Anonymous said...

Roast chicken sounds fabulous!! What time is dinner? I will be there. Your sock sounds delicious. I will get dressed now. L