Dimeurzh, Naontek, miz Mezheven

Finally I can blog again. Recently I have been knitting a lot of these:
Fiber Trends Bathing Beauties in Panda Cotton.
Since I sent a set to the Cuz in her birthday box, I could not blog about it. But these were fun. The cotton/bamboo is interesting. It has a tendency to unwind so a little extra twist was needed. But the result is soft and lovely. I could make more of these easily just for fun. The colors are yummy too. I purchased my stash from YarnMarket.com. They were delivered quickly and looked even more yummy in my hands. Just how many facecloths do I need? More.

Funny thing about them though. I knit many of them while listening to the audiobook Water for Elephants. Now as I look at them, I see a circus.

Plus there has been more mitten knitting for Sheep Shots Mittnz Blitz. Although knitting mittens is getting boring. Which made knitting facecloths that much more enjoyable.

Knitting is such a great obsession. It makes gifts, charity items, keeps the hands busy, stimulates creativity. And lets me listen to audiobooks without feeling guilty. And it is a comfort during the long sleepless nights. It is quiet, portable, and sensual.

But it still tastes bad.

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Anonymous said...

The candy is gone. The wash cloth was luxurious. The soap was devine. The candles smell luscious. The podcast is great. Thanks. Bird Girl