Pemp war’n ugent, miz Mezheven, Dilun

Firstly, a really bad photo:
It is difficult to see the stitch definition but this was the best of the bunch of photos taken. For some reason, Denmark by Nancy Bush is shy. And the leg? DS. At least he is patient. I love this pattern. It is fun to do and easy to memorize. Just not easy to photograph. The yarn is cashmere/merino. Lovely to work with. I overdyed it because the original colors were too muted for my tastes. This forest green is really nice.

Secondly and much harder to see:
DS wears a brace to support a weak ankle. We have been fussing with the orthotics but still have not found the perfect design. All that red soreness. He is a trouper, though. Keeps on moving in spite of the pain. And no complaints. That is okay. I am complaining very loudly on his behalf.

Lastly, for today. I have a project in the works. Well, I am working on working on the project. Here is a hint:
I lost the URL of the blogger who took this photo. If it is yours, please let me know so I may request with great politeness and much begging to use your work.

Darn, this is too pretty to be a bug. Notice I did not use the M word. Knitters have problems using the M word. Now the S word I can say in several languages.

Pick one.

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Marigold said...

Moth! But it's not a cloth moth, it's much too pretty, so that's all right. Nice photo!