Diriaou, eizh war’n ugent, miz Mezheven

Ways to avoid finishing a sock.

Break the refrigerator. Spend a lot of time emptying shelves, dumping food, grumbling about dumping food, cooking up what can be salvaged, jamming anything salvageable into freezer, grumbling some more. Cleaning up after cooking marathon.

Strip bedding, curtains and anything else launderable from bedroom. Vacuum carpet, scrub walls and windows, ceiling of bedroom. Spend all evening and night laundering. Because DH decided that would stop his Spring/Summer allergies. Don't bother wasting time arguing that you cannot make outdoor molds and allergens disappear. BTW, pillows take a long time to dry.

Break vacuum. Add some various swear words to the grumbling.

Cook dinner, eat dinner, clean up after dinner. Grumble about cooking and cleaning up after dinner. Should have used paper plates. The heck with saving trees.

Crawl into spare bed in sewing room after 7am for desperately needed sleep. Awaken at 10:30 to phone call from Stupid Insurance Salesperson who should know that I am on the DO NOT CALL ME EVER! list. Do not swear at salesperson (miracles do happen). Stagger back to spare bed only to discover 'awake' has occurred. Grumble and swear. Good thing no one is around to hear.

Give up on sleep. Get up. Stagger around trying to remember where the coffee is. Discover that Kitchen is disarrayed from marathon cooking / cleaning out refrigerator and the coffee pot is buried. Yup, more grumbling and swearing. Stagger around looking for something to do that does not require focused vision. Dress and leave house for hair appointment. Sun is shining. This is not good. Arrive early, discover no one ahead of me. Get hair cut while laughing at Stylist's stories. Look better, feel better. Buy coffee for drive home.

Today is looking up.

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