miz Mezheven, C’hwec’h, Dimerc’her

Today was a beautiful flop. We had a great ride around the county enjoying the sunshine, warmth, open windows. The point of the trip was Putt Putting. And it was closed. Permanently. Sigh for that. Another family-friendly activity gone.

We decided we need to make our own. A movie-themed park. DS suggested Star Wars. Darth Vader hovering over a hole. When the ball goes in his light-saber lights and he says, Luke, I am your father! I suggested a barn with an upside-down bi-plane stuck in it. Can you guess the movie? DH suggested a skeleton with a sword and an eyeball with a fork stuck in it. Yes, Pirates of the Caribbean. I had another thought. A naked older woman posing for a calendar. I did not say it aloud.

Well? What are your ideas?

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