Apparently I can knit. Or I can blog. But since this is supposedly a blog about knitting...

On the left a sweet fuzzy light-weight bit of garter and stockinette.

Below, a fun basketweave pattern. The sleeves need inset. A bit of ribbon around the neck.....

Third mitten set for Sheep Shots' challenge. I think I will switch to sideways mittens for the next three. Oh, and the circulars for the mitten is one set of Options and one Addi Bamboo. I love them both. The first two mittens were done with double points. But boredom is dangerous when handling pointy sticks.

Now, if only I can get rid of the headache caused by DH's plumbing experiment. I had forgotten how potent pvc glue can be. Thankfully he is smart enough to be elsewhere working on his radios. DS is also elsewhere, avoiding both the smell and the slightly crazed Mom.

Where did I put those options DPNs?

Ouch ! Oh......... there they are.

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Anonymous said...

I love the baby sweaters. So cute. The mittens are neat too. I am baffled by the circulars. One of these days I will try that. I know what you mean about pvc pipe glue. Yuck yuck yuck. I love the yarn you used on the sweaters. What is it? I hope you are having a great day. L