Pluvieux Dimanche Mai Vingt-et-sept

Podcasts. There are a lot of really good ones. And some really not good ones. The advantage is that once a not-good one has been found, it can be lost again. The really good ones are worth keeping.

Cousins. There are a lot of really good ones. And some really not good ones. One of the really good ones can't burn the really good podcasts. Plus said cousin cannot get the old computer to work with the new mp3 player. Technology just keeps getting more complicated. Thus I get to spend this rainy afternoon burning podcasts onto discs for la cousine.

The advantage to this is that I have something to do while frogging several inches of Tropical Breeze (it is starting to smell). And I get to sniff the Sharpie every time I decant it to write on the disc.

Yes, I smell Sharpies.

I don't however eat paste.


I was tagged for seven things ya'll don't know about me. That was two of them.

As for the other five.

I don't do chain letters. I delight in destroying them.

When I burn incense, I burn as many as I can get lit at one time. Making the whole house blue with smoke. But I would never smoke a cigarette.


I also don't drink alchohol.


I adore science fiction but not horror. Give me possibilities, not blood and guts. Robert Heinlein's Red Planet was my first favorite book.

I love languages. Not surprised? My first alternate language was ASL (American Sign Language).

Now to tag 7 others.

After my spiel on chain letters, you did not really expect me to tag others, did you?

If anyone wants to be part of this meme, list 7 random facts about yourself. Then go tag 7 others........Or not.

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