Dimanche Mai Vingt-et-six

I picked DS up from the REC Center this evening. DS was a bit cranky on the drive home. (How dare he !) so I asked him what made him happy. He said the REC center. that was all. So I said, Fine, I will take your computer. He said No no no, it makes me happy too. So what else makes you happy? Ummm Uncle D. Okay, so from now on you live alone. No no no, you and Dad make me happy.

We did that the whole way home. By the time we got home he had a long list. I told him there will be NO whiney folks in this house......unless it is me. Then I screached the song from Finnegan's Rainbow, Gloom and Doom. He was glad to go to his room. That made him happy. (ha ha)

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