Torsdag April Nitten

Ah the joys of sunny days, warm weather, early morning drives, and COFFEE. Love coffee. Coffee is good. Coffee is very very good. Must have more coffee.

Okay, yeah. I am insane. But I enjoy it.

I spent the morning unraveling the tangled mess that my work-in-progress had become. Too many starts and stops in waiting rooms made the Irish Hiking Scarf yarn declare war. And it was a battle. Trying to find the end of the yarn became an impossible tasks. So I grabbed a handful of that lovely burgundy softness and began to wind it doubled. Somehow I had managed to grab the middle of the tangle. So of course the whole thing was wound before I found the end. And then I had to unwind the ball to rewind it. I am wondering if center-pull balls are worth the effort.

I am also wondering if I have been infected by gremlins. How else could my carefully wound center-pull ball of luscious wine become so badly knotted. Yes, it was gremlins. Drunken gremlins. Drunken mean yarn-besotted gremlins. And drunken mean yarn-besotted gremlins Don't Share !

On another note....ya'll might be interested in this. Just in case you missed it. I have a feeling that it will be well worth the time and cost. It just seems to me that a certain podcaster or two might throw one heck of a wingding. But you did not hear it from me.

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