Sau og Ull

And it continues. I was reading Mason Dixon today and saw this: "She seems to have an inexhaustible arsenal of words at her disposal, and it may well be that she decides that hockey is a topic that's interesting to her. Or medieval dentistry. My point is that it doesn't really matter what she chooses to write about, because whatever it is, it will be funny. And I will be right there, loving hockey and pulling my own teeth because she's so wicked persuasive about it all."

Well there it is. Proof that knitters really are followers. It has to be the wool fumes. What else would make creative, intelligent (just look at some of the charts we interpret), erudite folk pull their own teeth? Unless it is Stephanie Pearl-McPhee
herself. Does she exude a pheromone that makes us accolytes?

I am NOT pulling my own teeth.

Now I am afraid of S P-M.

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