Sabato, Quattro, Novembre

Or what I do when I am not blogging.
I finished Running with Sock part one. Yes, I have not woven in the ends yet.
Part two is moving up the instep nicely.
I am casting on for the next incarnation. Lisa Souza sock yarn in Lime N Violet colorway. It is a slightly smaller yarn with somewhat of a rougher feel. This should be interesting. I am looking forward to seeing the colors weave through the sock.

The Cuz sent this tapestry loom. It has the name Beka on it. I did find this but no instructions. The DH and I are contemplating just how to warp this. I think I can talk him into making shuttles after we figure out how warped we can get.

Yes I used one of Yarn Harlot's books as a color control. It is a great book. Did not help the color balance on my camera though. It also does not help my knitting get better. But I do laugh a lot.

The table beneath the sock and loom are hand made by DH. He is a masterful woodsmith who creates lovely items. Some of them are for me!

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