Orithil, Narbeleth, Neluier

Day One (Saturday): I cast on two toe-up socks. Turkish Cast-On. Bernat Jazz Hot. Fiddled with the increases. Finally was satisfied. Packed socks and yarn for trip.

Day Two (Sunday): Knitted on two socks on one circular. Messed up. Unknitted one sock. Placed its active stitches back on bamboo double points. Unknit sock two. Untangled yarn. Restarted the pattern on sock two. Unknit. Reknit. Re knit. Fiddled. Figured out the pattern and knit like a mad woman. Tried knitting while visiting. Finally ceded the knitting as a lost cause. Drove home.

Day Three (Monday): Unknit the mess and reknit. Tried on sock. Realized lacework made said sock way too large for any human. Bigfoot could apply. Unknit sock. Cried. Okay, didn't cry. Unknit some of the increases back to 10 stitches less than calculated. Recalculated the pattern. Knit. Rested. Knit. Played stupid computer game. Knit. Chatted with DH. Accosted DS for conversation. Knit. Cooked. Sidenote; when I choose cooking over knitting it is a desperate situation. Sat on recliner with eyes closed while cowering under plaid wool blanket. BTW, it has been sunny, clear and warm all day. Finally crawled out from under blanket. Picked up sock and knit. I am finally back to where I was before frogging began.

Photos? Sure, why not (in reality it is scanning because I am too lazy to clean my house enough to find a spot to photograph a sock). (okay not too lazy, just too obsessed with the blasted sock).
As much as I despise fuschia, it is serving the purpose of highlighting the sweep. I like how this is turning out. Until I turn the heel I won't know for certain if a full patterned cuff will look as nice.

Hey Cuz, shall I call this Running With Sock? Or perhaps Chasing Isa? Voting is allowed. Of course I will fudge the results.

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