Venerdí, Dieci, Novembre

The thumb is much better, thanks. Today is just amazingly beautiful. Warm and sunny. A rarity around here. It is Friday lunacy as per usual but a large portion of lunacy is spent outdoors. Miss Postal delivered my blocking wires. Yeah! Now I need to cast on some lacey thing so I can try them out. Of course I could just finish and block DS's sweater number one.... Nah. New cast-on, new yarn, new fun. And what would December be if I did not have a dozen projects to stress over?

A recent post elsewhere reminded me again how blessed I am to be married to DH. Kind, strong, generous, talented, humorous. A host of great qualities and characteristics. And those qualities and characteristics that drive me insane just add spice. Ever rub salt in a wound? Well STOP doing it !

No new photos because so far everything looks like something the dog regurgitated. Small progress but progress never the less. I just need more time and more organization.....and more hours....and less projects.....and some folks willing to come over and cook and clean while I play.....for free of course. I could make them knitted wash cloths though. Oh yeah, more projects.

Side Note: A have a friend who is looking for eunichs to come slave for her. I don't know any men willing to take on the job requirements. But if you do.......

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