Domenica , Dodici, Novembre

Ah Sunday. When did it get as busy as the rest of the week?

Here is the beginning of the newest sock. Cast on yesterday but frogged and re-worked. If I used a pattern perhaps I would not frog things so often. I think it is genetics at play. My mother never saw a recipe she didn't 'adjust'. In any case, Hey Cuz! Try this on, will ya? Let me know how it fits.

I am determined to get the first DS sweater finished this week. So if I disappear by the end of the week I will be hiding under the bed...from the sweater. Could it be that I just was not meant to continental stitch? Maybe I would finish this sweater if I used the tried and true 'Merikan' method of throwing. 'Cause pickin' has whupped this chile's toucas.

It was a wild afternoon at Special Olympics bowling today. Too much sugar? I kept edging closer to the wall so as to have my back protected because I never knew what was going to happen next. A wild ride. The alley owner spent most of his time shaking the snack machine to make it release the packages. The clients gathered around him to watch and garner their snacks, the coaches kept hollering for the clients to come back to bowl. Amusements abounded. And the ride home was blissfully silent. Ahhhhh.

I am thinking that carpeting the lanes might be counter-productive but wonderfully sound-deadening. Just a thought.

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