Some days try the patience of a saint. I am not a saint. It is a good thing I don't drink. I managed 5 rows of a six row repeat pattern on the mobius. And then I frogged four rows. Sigh. I managed three rows on the sock. Before I lost the yarn. DH found it hiding in the van. I managed to get my email in between being frozen off the internet. And I managed to answer one whole email too. Dinner was only slightly burned. I promised a certain Cuz to make something for her DH. Therefore I must go yarn shopping. (do you see the huge grin on my face?). DH mopped the orange juice spill DS just made. Therefore I have one large clean spot on the kitchen floor. If I spill more orange juice, will DH finish? Yeah, I didn'’t think so either. The oil tank was refilled today. Therefore we will not freeze tonight when it drops to 38°F. For Canadians, that is 3.33°C. All things considered, the good outweighs the bad. And I get to go YARN SHOPPING !

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Knits at Night said...

We often have oj spills by the frig. I hate sticky. Sticky floors, sticky hands, sticky tables etc... I hope the Stash Enhancement trip goes well. Let me know. KAN