Orithil, Narbeleth, Nêl

I am a bad blogger. Or a bad photographer. I see these amazingly funny sights and do not have my camera. So will you believe me anyway? Driving back from tiny 'Wet Stone' I passed the area's first cell phone tower. In the driveway was a van with Chimney Sweep painted on its side. Now all I can see in my imagination is some version of Dick Van Dyke with a brush on top of this very tall metal frame.

We used to call this tower Area 51 because it was the only tower anywhere around here. And what good is one single tower? Therefore it must be a secret signaling device. An alien underground hidden base. Or else the cows are taking over the world. Again.

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Anonymous said...

I set up the swift that you and hubby gave me so Isa could guess what it was.(bad sentence) It only took five minutes of close scrutiny and she got it. We decided that it resembles a helicopter and you can't twist too fast or it will take off. Love it. Isa also showed me how to get on your blog. Not from Google. Daaaa. L