Breathing is good. Inhale, exhale. Being well again is a joy. Inhale, exhale. Yes, all is well again. So to celebrate here are some overdue photos.

What a person on sinus medication does with her few active brain cells. These are very large stitch markers for size 17 needles. The fish are 3 inches each.

This is the finished but unblocked Mobius in Bamboo. I love the feel of it but it shreds. Several times I had to tink back to pick up one thread. I think when it is blocked it will be lovely. A certain SIL with allergies will inherit this.

This blue blob is a Mobius in Mohair/Silk. Fingering weight. It is nearly finished. Next time I will add beads for some sparkle. The recipient is the daughter of a friend who had surgery in the Spring. I wanted it finished long ago but some crochet (oh what I really want to call it is nastier) took much longer than expected. FOUR BLOOMIN' MONTHS. So this sweet project is still a work in progress.

These are the first three of the six mitten pairs for Sheepshots Six in Six challenge. I am late as usual. But the cause is worthy.

Here are the other three. The colors did not come out well. The end sets are sage, cream and white. The middle mitten set and the far left mitten set are deep green. So much for true color from a scanner.

Cuz said she loved the swift DH made for her. He is a great craftsman. When he sets his mind on something it usually is perfection. If only I could figure out the trick of getting him to set his mind on what I want. Still working on that.

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