Oranor, Narbeleth, Tâd

I rediscovered today that some brain cells function at a slower speed. Or how I can be really stupid and still walk and breathe. Picture me sheepish (grin). Ah well, a little embarrassment keeps the ego in check.

Today I accomplished half of my to-do list and added more things. Swimming upstream but every so s-l-o-w-l-y. The post office had three counter-folk. One was working. The bank teller was so speedy I double checked to verify she was the usual teller. The pharmacy had only one person in line ahead of me and the checker was polite and fast. And DH came out of the hardware store with only two unexpected items. But I am certain he had to stop at the tool bin and check out the goodies when I wasn't looking. Gotta love a guy who can take a concept from my mind and create something of beauty and usefulness. Thus my swift was born. This lovely adjustable tool was born, birthed and raised by DH from a cursory suggestion. The suggestion was that he hold each and every skein of yarn while I wound balls. After one session with a skein of hand-dyed, light blue, lace weight, 100% Merino (100 grams, 880 yards) he was inspired to create. And he created three. A template, this version for me, and one more for the Cuz. Pine for lightness and Golden Oak for the stain. This charmer is easily taken apart for storage. I cannot see me needing to store it. It has a semi-permanent place on my equally lovely (but as-yet unfinished OAK table). I love this guy. He 90% perfect. The other 10%? Oh my.

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linda said...

I set up the swift that you and hubby gave me so Isa could guess what it was.(bad sentence) It only took five minutes of close scrutiny and she got it. We decided that it resembles a helicopter and you can't twist too fast or it will take off. Love it. Isa also showed me how to get on your blog. Not from Google. Daaaa. L