Stupid–or how pain meds attract intellectual curve balls

Its been one of those days. You know the kind. When everything waits until the opportune moment to try to scramble your mind.

Do you want the long or short version?

Short version: I took a Percocet around 3am. Then I waited for it to kick in.

And waited. And waited.

Finally I decided to lay down until morning.

Okay, until later this morning.

The alarm clock blared and I got up and got busy with the usual morning routine minus coffee because I really wanted to get some sleep this week.         I managed all the things that mornings require and settled down in front of the computer to relax and wait some more. In case the meds ever did kick in. Which they did around 10:30am. With drooping eyes I crawled into bed and fell asleep.

Then the phone rang……..Spam.  So much for the Federal Do-Not-Call list.

Made a WC run and went back to bed. And back to sleep.

Then the phone rang……Spam again. Grrrrrr.

Tossed and turned and finally went back to sleep. And then it was time to get up and busy with afternoon chores.  I had just slipped a robe over my nightgown and was doddering toward the kitchen when a neighbor popped in. I ran to get dressed. She left before I returned. And left her laptop to be worked-on.

As if I would touch someone else’s laptop in my befuddled state.

Hours later when the meds finally wore off and I was making coherent speech again I realized she had not left any information about what she wanted me to do with her laptop.

I think I will wait until tomorrow. Surely my brain will have been detoxed by then.

But one never knows for sure.

If you see me being chased down the road by a crazed woman with a useless laptop you will know why,

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