I find myself distracted in the midst of being distracted. And no idea how to quit.

What was I saying?

Oh, right. I was thinking about HIM who has been amusing recently. Or at least providing opportunities for amusement.

Today was a fasting day. A 14 hour fasting day. A day in which I was Hungry! HIM works at night, sleeps during the day. And for some reason has decided that I cannot go anywhere without HIM. Being joined at the hip is not an easy proposition. Or a comfortable one.

Take your time and picture it. Now laugh. Out loud.

So I had to wait until 2pm to get blood work. Which was thankfully painless. And easy until the part where she informed me that I also had to supply another type of specimin. One that was going to be a problem considering I had emptied all contents before leaving the house. It is always amusing when this happens.

Finally managing a wee sample we were free to leave. And go straight to the nearest food supply.

Only HIM never makes easy choices. So we had to leave that town to go to another town to get a bite to eat at a fast food restaurant. There are fast food places in the original town but apparently they were not good enough. I was ready to eat the steering wheel.

HIM who yesterday announced he was joining my diet; ordered a chocolate shake. Not just a shake but a Chocolate shake. HIM needed a kick in the shin. I was willing to volunteer for the task.

This chocolate shake came with a whipped topping and a cherry. But the cherry slipped off the top and began its journey down the side of the shake.

I looked up and noticed the wandering fruit and commented on it.

Yeah. I admit it. Out of my mouth I said, You lost your cherry.

Then I blushed hard and tried to hide.


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