Good Mail / Bad Mail

Crochet Hook1

I ordered a few goodies from KnitPicks. Two 16” circulars in size 3.00mm. Of course I had finished with the socks yesterday. A few other items. All of them took up less than half this box. It is great fun getting new things.

The Cousin (mother of the Intellectual) sent a steel crochet hook in size One. I don’t have that size and can’t seem to find anyplace to buy just one steel crochet hook. She is such a doll to send me her spare hook. The envelope came ripped on both sides. Good thing she taped it securely to a card. The Post Office took great effort to get into the envelope. Apparently someone in the Post Office wanted that crochet hook too. They did not succeed.

Wanna see the hook?

Crochet Hook2

Good thing HIM is handy with pliers.

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