Restless Natives

There is only so long a time to delay posting to this blog before the natives get restless. I hear the drums pounding nearby.

Before I discover the joys of being eaten by cannibals…..here is a post. With photos.

Good Mail

This is a very good mail day. A package from the Unique Sheep containing……..


This photo does not do justice to the loveliness that is this yarn. It is Luxe. 25% Tussah Silk/ 75% Superwash Merino. I can barely control myself.

Oh forget everything else. I am diving into this yarn and this sock pattern. It is part of the LOTR sock club, version 2. I wonder if I can get more of this yarn in this colorway. For surely one pair of socks will not be enough!

There are many clubs at the Unique Sheep. Y’all might want to spend some time lapping up the beauty.

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birdgirl said...

That is lovely!! So glad that you are back!!