So He bought used Power Steering Pump

What does it take for a guy to admit that a vehicle is dead?
The van has taken over his mind. It must be some sort of demon-possessed vehicle. Right?
Do you know how much a new computer chip costs for a very used van?
He replaced the computer chip. The van ran for two weeks.
He bought a rebuilt power steering pump.
Before he could put it on......the replaced alternator died.
He bought a new alternator and arranged for the neighbor to put it on.
Then they had to decide how to take apart the engine to replace the power steering pump.
This requires a lot of thought and hard work because every plan puts stress on other parts. Do we replace the gasket? Do we chance damaging the exhaust system?
The decide. They pull the front end off and shift various parts. They replace the power steering pump.
It doesn't work.
Now they are on the way to the parts store for a new one.

IT IS DEAD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Shove a wooden stake into the heart of the stupid van and LET IT GO !

I have no more ideas on how to make HIM see reason.
Perhaps an exorcists?

Do you know of any?

I'm not Catholic but I am thinking about finding some Holy Water.

(credit for photos are as follows: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/3/32/98-00_Chrysler_Town_and_Country.jpg/800px-98-00_Chrysler_Town_and_Country.jpg

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